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Successful Dock Work Party

March 7, 2022

March 6 saw a keen group of 12 sailors led by Larry congregate at the Club for a work party to refurbish our docks. Punky boards were marked and then the removal began with pry bars & hammers being wielded to remove the deck boards, the side boards and the rubber bumper rail.

Once the boards were cut the hammering started. We even had to replenish the wood supply as there were a few more surprises than planned. The weather was warm and although the ice was thick the water cover increased as the day progressed so there were lots of wet feet. Only one member broke through for a soaked leg Charlie Maybee, and should get his name added to the cribbage board membership plaque with the whalers and polar bears. We started at 9:00 AM and finished by 2:30 PM with most of the work completed.

Margaret supplied a delicious lunch of chili, carrot cake and cookies which sustained the workers. It was a delight to be able to congregate, talk sailing and renew camaraderie which portends well for our upcoming year. Our newest member Tom Tsapoitis was welcomed as he lent a hand with hammer and pry bar.

Susan Ferguson / LCYC Membership Chair
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