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Club Racing

LCYC believes that racing is the life-blood of a yacht club, and we encourage any member who has not raced before to consider becoming involved in this aspect of sailing. If you would like to improve your sailing skills there is no better way than racing. We are constantly looking for racing crew and trying to get more boats out to race. Most races are on the weekends with a 10:00 skippers meeting and at 11:00 start.


TGIF Friday evening racing is for the novice and experienced alike.  This will be an informal fun evening to the end of a busy week!   From the first Friday after sail past to Labour Day weekend,  races will start at 6:00 pm – so meet early at the club house to see who shows up and the course directions within our racing buoys.


The PHRF rating system is used for club racing (not including TGIF) but we are not so serious as to require you to purchase a certificate, a rating will be assigned to you.


Members who have not raced before can learn first by crewing on another boat to get the hang of things.  Those members who are interested in ongoing Race Committee boat work should talk to our Race Director.


It is a nice way to spend the day on the lake using Trillium, the clubs pontoon boat.

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