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LCYC Sailpast 2021

LCYC Sailpast 2021

​Excitement was in the air on Saturday as we gathered on the grounds to prepare for our first Sailpast in 2 years to honour our Commodores. Boats were dressed for the occasion and at 2 p.m. they left the dock to follow Commodore Doug Hunt in Private Dancer out the channel to the Lake.

​With the virtual piper playing we plowed through the weeds in a sedate line, thrilling the observers on shore to a sight to behold. Lots of waves, thumbs up and photos being taken.

Once reaching the lake we peeled off to leave the Commodore to anchor and set sails for a short tour. The sky looked pretty grey and menacing at the start but weather went North and South to leave the fleet in peace as we sailed past the stern of the CS 30 and luffed our salute in his honour. After a short following sail we headed in for the rest of the festivities.

The skies did a repeat of threatening weather but not to be deterred we carried on and Mother Nature cooperated. Every one was assembled on the lawn for conversation, socialization, toasts and renewal. Madame Commodore, Marilyn produced a feast of pizza, wings, salad with other members contributing hors d’oeuvres and desserts .To top off the uniqueness of the day our newest member motored up the channel, mast still down, to join the festivities.

After enduring the restrictions of Covid 19 this opportunity start to open up made the club feel alive even though there are still some hoops to negotiate. Covid is not over but their is some sailing light on the horizon.

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