LCYC Covid 19 Guidelines / Summer 2021 (Ont. Level 2) July 1, 2021

1. Some Club Facilities are to be OFF LIMITS TO ALL MEMBERS until the province lifts the restrictions access to Community Buildings. Slips, Grounds, Docks & washroom accessible only.

2. There are to be no more than 25 in a group with a 6’ distance restriction outdoor only.

3. The club house is to remain locked at all times. Members will be issued a key for the washroom access only.

4. The use of the two showers will be permitted for 2 members at a time.

5. Access to the Club & Washrooms to be locked at all times and available to LCYC members only.

6. Members to clean & wipe facilities down after each use, clean and wipe toilet seats/toilet, light switches, sink and doorknobs on both sides. (Disinfectant wipes & hand cleaner to be supplied by members)

7. All PPE wipes etc to be taken home to be disposed of in an approved manner.

8. The club kitchen would be closed. (No Access.)

9. No club or member fridges in the club house to be used.

10. Social gathering of no more than 25 members are permissible on lawns surrounding our club house. (No Access to the building for social gathering).

11. The club room & deck closed (No Access).

12. Parking would be for LCYC authorized members only. A chain to be installed across the drive access. Only opened for access and regress refastened behind the vehicle in and out. Two passes will be issued to each senior member. A sign on the chain – AUTHORIZED LCYC MEMBERS ONLY -

13. An LCYC authorization card to be displayed in the vehicle when parked.

14. Picnic table use permitted 6ft spacing between tables minimum.

15. Two Barbeques to be active suitably spaced, each used by one family at a time and not to be shared with others. (Cook your own.)

16. Water and power to be available at the dock for members use only.

17. Trash, bottles and garbage to be taken away. Not left at the facilities.

18. The chiminea not to be used. (No fires)

19. No guest boats from other clubs or marinas.

20. Provincial Covid-19 health guidelines to be strictly adhered to, and modified as they are up dated.

21.Failing to adhere to these guidelines will result in a members club privileges be suspended.

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