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Lake Simcoe Inter-Club Series (LSIS)

Lake Simcoe Interclub Series is a great way to compete against other clubs on Simcoe.  The races can be fast and exciting with periods of laid-back, lazy sailing and close competition. The party after racing is with all the other crews from around the lake. A PHRF certificate is required to compete in the races that occur around the lake each season.  Members from LCYC often compete in this series.

2020 Schedule of LSIS Races


June 20/20 – CBYC (Cooks Bay) – LSIS Long Distance @ 10:00

June 21/20 – CBYC (Cooks Bay) LSIS – Short Distance @ 9:00

Aug 8/20 – BYC (Barrie) – LSIS #5 Short Distance @ 9:00

Aug 8/20 BYC (Barrie) LSIS #6 – Long Distance Overnight @ 13:00

Sep 12/20 – Jackson’s Point LSIS @ 10:00

Sep 13/20 – Jackson’s Point LSIS @ 9:00

Club Contacts 2020

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