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Junior Sailing

Junior Sailing School Program: Monday July 17th to Friday July 21th, 2017

Junior Sail Program 2017

July 17th to July 21nd


This is an ONTARIO SAILING MOBILE BOOM SAILING PROGRAM with instruction and certification open for beginners to the experienced. The instructors are ONTARIO SAILING trained, and the boats are provided by ONTARIO SAILING. There are coach/ safety boats provided for additional instruction and safety.

The primary instruction area is on the beautiful south LAGOON CITY beach. In cases of bad weather the instruction goes in-board at the LAGOON CITY YACHT CLUB ( 84 Laguna Parkway) Many of our members and past students also come by to assist as needed.

You the parents/grandparents/guardians are welcome to come down to the beach to enjoy the beautiful days in July we are forecasting. The instructions go basically from 9 to 4. We are very fortunate in that the program is well supported by the community and this results in some special events and gifts for the students.

We have a limit of 16 participants and we fill them up every year, so get in your requests in as soon as you can (we are on a first come first served basis).  Again, the program runs from July 17th to July 21nd, 2016.

The fee is $450 for the week (note: just covers LCYC out-of-pocket costs for boats rental, instructors, and supplies). Please contact Adam Kubik for more information and a registration form.